Automatically Upload Movie Files to Your Website

Set up Automatic FTP Upload to a Web Site:

This Preferences panel allows you to set up FTP communications and automatically upload your latest video to your Web Site. (We added this option to satisfy a request from a user at Loch Ness in Scotland who has a video camera set up on the lake and wants to automatically upload his latest time-lapse video to his web site. Users can then view his latest 24 hour Loch Ness surveillance video. Maybe somebody will eventually see Nessie?)

Select: This button will bring up a window that will show files and directories on your remote web site:

Double-click on one of the folder icons to "select" that folder. The folder will then be "selected" and its contents will be displayed. The first folder in the list is a ".." folder (not shown above because we've paged down to show the "upload test" directory.) When a ".." folder is double-clicked, the system will move up one directory in the hierarchy and list that directory.

See the HandyAvi Manual for further details.  Look under "Preferences."