Download IP Camera Filter

Download 32-bit IP Camera Filter Version 2.7 (7 Megabytes)

For use with 32 bit applications...

Note: HandyAvi is currently a 32-bit application -
Please use this 32-bit version of the filter with HandyAvi.

Download 64-bit IP Camera Filter Version 2.6 (4 Megabytes)

Note: Use the 64-bit version of the filter with 64-bit applications.

Latest versions (2.6 , 2.7) were posted 17 September 2014
(Future upgrades of this product are free after you've purchased this product's license!)
This is a free, fully functional unlimited trial version of our IP Camera Filter!  (Until a license is purchased, text will be displayed on top of the captured images...  Fully functional otherwise...)
Supported Operating Systems: WinXP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 10
System Requirements: 256 MB PC, DirectX 8.0 or higher, video capture software such as HandyAvi, VirtualDub, or others.  (This is not a stand-alone product.  It must be used with a video capture system such as HandyAvi.)

End User License Agreement (EULA)

UNINSTALL - If you need to uninstall the IP Camera Filter click here:
Download a program to uninstall the IP Camera Filter

Additional IP Camera Filter Information

If you are already a licensed user, your license will work automatically with new versions.  You should download and install the current version to have access to all of the improvements and new features. 

If you are not yet a licensed user, download the latest version and try it. 

If you download and install the filter then you will have access to its built-in help file.  Or you can View the Filter's PDF documentation.

Purchase IP Camera Filter License.

Note:  Version 2.6, 2.7:  You can download and install new versions of the IP Camera Filter.  Your key does not have to be reinstalled.  Simply install the current version over the top of the previous version and you should be in business...